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Architectural Works

Project Description

The company has a team of engineers and architectural draftsmen, whose work begins with technical innovation and imagining the external and internal shape of the place to be designed, whether a residential, commercial or industrial building, a commercial office, a trade fair or a commercial store, and it is drawn and designed with the smallest details and then follow up and guide the civil engineers during the construction period And all of this is within specific scientific standards that ensure this imagination is realized in the form of a building and is suitable for living and working in it in peace and safety with keeping that this architectural design reflects the identity of the place and the identity of the users of this place so that the design explains to the viewer the nature of the place and the economic and social condition of it. The company believes that architecture reflects The culture and lives of people and societies.

The work team is also concerned with the technological aspects of building planning, design, construction and operation, through the integrated analysis and design of environmental systems and energy conservation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and drainage, lighting and sound, fire protection, vertical and horizontal transportation, structural systems, behavior and characteristics of building materials components. And construction management. It is also concerned with constructing flexible buildings, and applying the latest scientific knowledge and techniques in building design.

Project Details

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